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Lesson 2: AiBAws ie~k: Exercise One
Practise understanding the Accents. Below are some words using the various accents, followed by sentences where the correct Accent needs to be placed. For example Car is kwr, it uses the Kannaa , w  (kMnW). So kwr clw is Car Challa ( Start your car). Here the Kannaa needs to be added to Car.
Another example is  ieh kVI   hY , this is an example of the Aaunkarh ,AONkV. kVI should be kuVI 

mukqw Short A
Pl phal  (fruit),  jl jal (water),  Kq khat (letter), qr tar (cucumber), rs ras (juice),  klm kalam (pen), kxk kanhak (wheat), hrn haran (deer), btn batan (button), kml kamal (lotus), bq^ batakh (duck),  mtr matar (pea),  PrS farash (floor),  blb balab (bulb),  GVw gharhaa (pot) and bwlk baalak kid (child).
ieMnW SbdW nUM hyT shI KwinAW ivc ilKo (Write these words below in the right columns).
P, K, b, k Aqy m A~KrW nwl ilKy gey l&z ilKo (Write the words beginning with the given letters.)












kMnW Long A
kwr caar (car), gwjr gaajar (carrot), kVw karhaa (bracelet), vwjw vaajaa (bugle / trumpet), qwrw taaraa (star), mwlw maalaa (rosary), Anwr aanaar (pomegranate), nwkwm naakaam (Unsucessful), QoQw thothaa (Vacuous), ptwkw pataakaa (firework) and Dwgw dhagaa (string).
Place the w in  the correct words. Use the above words to check spelling.

krn vjw vjwauNdw hY[ Karan is playing the trumpet.
Karan vaajaa vajaaonda hai

qrw bhuq cmkdw hY[ The star really sparkles.
taaraa Bahut  chamakdaa ha

^uSvIr Anr iC~l[ Khushveer peel the pomegranate.
Khushveer aanaar shill

swfy leI gjr kt, jIvn[ Cut the carrots for us, Jeevan.
Saade lee gaajar cat, Jeevan

Dgw bMnH, mrI[ Tie the string, Mary.
dhaagaa bunnh, Maree

kr clw jspRIq[ Drive the car Jaspreet.
Caar challaa Jaspreet

qMU QoQ hY eylks[ You are vacuous Alex.
Toon thothaa ha elakas.

ishwrI The ' I'
isr sir (head), idl dil (heart), ip~ql pittal (brass), inrdoS nirdosh (inculpable), Sigrd shagirad (Pupil), ieSiqhwr ishitihaar (advertisement/poster), icr chir (awhile), idmwg dimaag (brain), ikqwb kitaab (book), ihswb hisaab (account/calculation), ikswn kisaan (farmer), igAwn giaan (learn), ipAwr piaar (love), isqwr sitar (sitar), iSkwr shikaar (hunt), Swier shaair (poet) and izd zid (obstinate). 

ishwrI hyTw vwly f`ibAW ivc Brnw hY[ ienHW ivcoN ijhVy TIk lgdy hn; "shI" vwly f`by 'c ilKo Aqy ijhVy glq lgdy hn, auh "glq" vwly f`by 'c[ Fill in the Sihaaree in the boxes below. Place in the box for "correct", the ones you think are right, and in the box for "incorrect", those you think are wrong.

isqwr, idmwg, ip`ql, Sigrd, inlI, sIqwr, ikswn, eImlI, iGV, gAwnI, zid nrIdoS

shI  (Correct)

glq (Incorrect)






ibhwrI The 'ee' sound.
hQkVI hathkaree (Handcuffs), zwqI zaatee (specific), rxnIqI ranhaneetee (strategy), byXkInI beyakeenee (disbelief), qIr teer (arrow), KIr kheer (rice pudding), GVI gharhee (watch), bIbI beebee ('mother'), sItI seetee (whistle), dIvw deevaa (Oil lamp), nwlI naalee (pipe), hwQI haathee (elephant),  swQI saathee (friend), iqqlI titalee (butterfly), and ispwhI sipaahi (soldier).

Place the  I  in  the correct words. Use the above words to check spelling.

qr mwr inSwn qy, jIvn[ Aim the arrow at the mark, Jeevan
teer mar nishaan te, jeevan.

bIbI bhuq sohxI Kr bxwauNdI hY[ 'Mother' makes very nice rice pudding.
Beebee bahut sohnhee kheer banhaaounh dee ha.

kI ieh GV hY? Is this a watch?
Ehe gharhee ha ?

st mwr, ^uSvIr[ Whistle, Khushveer.
Seetee mar, khushveer.

qqlI dy KMB bhuq rMgIn hn[ The butterfly's wings are very colourful.
Titalee de khunbh bahut rungeen han.

Note that Punjabi has adopted the English ? mark (question mark). It uses a line for a full stop, or a double line at the end of a passage or paragraph. It has also adopted the English , (comma). The word 'the' has no equivalent in Punjabi.

AOkNV The 'u' sound, dulYNkV The 'oo' sound, lW The 'e' sound, dulwvW The 'ai' sound, hoVw The 'o' sound and the knOVw The 'au' sound.

au~n oun (wool)
kuVI kurhee (girl)
kursI kurasee (chair)
murgI murghee (chicken)
dvwq duaat ink (bottle)
gulwb gulaab (rose)
rumwl rumaal (kerchief)
burS burash (brush)
kuVqw kurhtaa ( shirt)
kulPI kulphee (ice-cream)
kumwr kumar (prince)

aUT ooth (camel)
sUt soot (suit)
lUx loonh (salt)
gaU gaoo (cow)
cUhw choohaa (mouse)
BwlU baaloo (bear)
mUlI moolee (' white Carrot')
mUrq moorat (drawing)
sUrj sooraj (the sun)
mzdUr mazdoor (labourer)
qrbUz tarbooz (melon)

syb seb (apple)
syk sek (heat)
Syr sher (lion)
Pyr fer (later)
Byf bhed (sheep)
qyl tel (oil)
kylw kelaa (games)
mylw melaa (funfair)
qwry tare (stars)
vylxw velanhaa (rolling pin)
plyt palet (plate)
cklyt chaklet (chocolate)
ryfIE redeeo (radio)
blyf baled (blade)
krylw karelaa (bitter gould).

pYr pair foot
pYsw paisaa money
AYnk  aainak glasses
vYswKI vaisaakee harvest festival
bYTk baithak sitting room
AYqvwr  aaitvaar Sunday
hY  hai is
kYmrw caimaraa camera
zYbrw zaibaraa zebra
bunYx bunainh vest 
svYtr  savaitar jumper / sweater.

bol  bol speak
Fol dhol drum
fol  dol spill
mor mor peacock
cor chor thief
kot kot coat
motw  motaa  fat ( person / thing )
 Koqw khotaa donkey
GoVw ghoraa horse
qoqw totaa parrot
goBI gobhee cauliflower
topI topee hat 
ilKo likho write( present tense)

cOl  chaul  rice
kOVw  kaurhaa  sour
pOVI  paurhee  stairs / ladder
AOrq  aurat  woman
dOlq  daulat  wealth
rOxk  raunhak  lively atmosphere
hQOVw  hauthrhaa  hammer
sO  sau  one hundred
pkOVw  pakaurhaa  bhaji

*** phylI ***

auproqk SbdW nUM lY ky, hyTW SbdW dI qlwS krnI hY[
Below, word search has a selection of words from those above. Find them. (Tip! Try across, down and diagonally).
r mo kY l T aU sy b
au t cO m rO x k lw
n sU zY b rw lY Sy gu
pY r ku VI l bu r lU
do j V QO h f By Bw
l bo q r bU z x lU
In the next lesson we'll learn more about;  it~pI Tippee ('M'), ibMdI Bindee ('N'), and A~Dk Adhak ('~')

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Awpxy ivcwr swnUM ilKo